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Some say that music, art and drama are as important as other school subjects, especially at the primary level. Do you agree or disagree?


It is argued that the arts are just as valid as the other subjects, especially for primary school children. This essay agrees with that statement and will first discuss how some students flourish when studying music, art or drama and then talk about how maths and science are not crucial at primary level.

Not everyone has a talent for mathematics, physics or languages and many students only do their best work when they can be creative. In fact, many pupils simply cannot focus on traditional subjects unless they are expressing themselves creatively through painting, song or dance. Take Gillian Lynne for example, who at a young age was told she had a learning difficulty, but in fact could not learn without moving. Gillian went on to become a world class choreographer, but would have never been a success without the encouragement of her dance teacher.

Other would disagree with this view and say that art stops young children from spending enough time on the more ‘serious’ subjects and passing important exams. However, until children get to high school, it is more important for them to have a good relationship and attitude towards education than passing tests. For instance, in Finland primary school children do no tests at all and this has been shown to be one of the leading factors in them having the best education system in the world.

In conclusion, painting, dance and acting should be given equal status in the primary classroom because they allow artistic children to learn more effectively and it is unwise to put pressure on children to pass maths and science exams at such a young age.

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